What NOT To Do On Social Media MarketingLearning What NOT To Do On Social Media is the MOST important thing you can learn about Social Media Marketing for Your Business.

If you really want to become a Recruiting Master then you need to get Ray Higdon’s Total Recruiting Mastery course, it’s a MUST!

If you are currently building a Network Marketing Business then you have probably been taught some great things about your business and products.

What you probably haven’t been taught is the right way to market your business.

Most Network Marketing companies are great with product and business training but, typically not very good with on and offline marketing.

Below I’m going to give you 2 Dont’s on Social Media Marketing that I hope will help get better at marketing and building your business.

What NOT To Do On Social Media Marketing

1.    Don’t Raise Resistance

Pitching your business and products everywhere raises resistance.

If you remember that Social Media platforms are meant to be SOCIAL, not Business.

You need to connect and built relationships with your old and new friends.

Ray recommends and I certainly agree that you should very seldom if at all pitch your business or product.

If you are known as the “PITCHER” you will have people running the other way.

Between Ray’s 2 products, Total Recruiting Mastery and 3 Minute Expert he really hits home about branding yourself and not your opportunity/product.

Just think about how you feel when you are being pitched all the time in the offline world.

Nobody likes it much!

2.    Don’t Just Post Your Capture Pages Everywhere

Much better than posting your company links would be an affiliate link if you are working with an affiliate program.

That said, I love Ray’s suggestion of post a two-fold post of a teaser video pointing to the affiliate link.

This is a much better way to take away that resistance that we talked about.

What NOT To Do On Social Media Marketing

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