What’s Your Perfect Career?

What Is Your Perfect Career?

Have you ever just sat down and laid out what your Perfect Career might look at?  There are so many careers out there that you can choose from.

I want to talk to you about what the perfect career might just look like.  When you ask a bunch of people to make “The Perfect Career List” you will get a number of different answers, below are some of the answer you might get.

Your list of careers may be long, but you should have an idea what the best career has to have.

The What You Don’t Want Perfect Career List

  • No boss
  • No commute
  • No alarm clock
  • No employees
  • No politics
  • No compromises
  • No discrimination
  • No educational requirement

The What You Do Want Perfect Career List

  • Something positive
  • Great product or service
  • Unlimited income
  • Residual income
  • Enjoy the people you work with
  • Time freedom
  • Something meaningful
  • Personal growth
  • Lots of perks
  • International
  • Contribution to worthy causes
  • Low risk
  • Low start-up costs
  • Economy-proof
  • Tax benefits
  • Fun!

Five Job Categories and How They Compare To THE LIST.

1.     Blue-collarU.S. Navy Sailors assigned to Navy Cargo Handling Battalion (NCBH) 1 load a cargo container onto the Military Sealift Command container ship MV American Tern during Operation Deep Freeze, the annual operation to resupply the National Science Foundation's  McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica, Feb. 8, 2007. NCBH 1 is the only active-duty component of the Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Force, headquartered in Williamsburg, Va., and is a component of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command. (U.S. Navy ph oto by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jack Georges) (Released)

These are the people that generally are doing manually labor and typically not wearing a shirt and tie to work.  The

question is, does the blue-collar career deliver on the Perfect Career List.

Probably not so much.  If you really look at it, Blue-collar just isn’t going to get you to the list.

2.     White-collarwhite-collar-worker

The definition of the white-collar careers refers to a person who performs professional, managerial, or administrative work.

Basically a person who is employed by another person to do work other than manual labor.

This used to be the place to strive to be.  It offered things like security, growth, and many of the items on the list.

Those days have changed.  People are changing jobs more often than ever nowadays.  The days of job security have gone by the wayside.

So can the white-collar career deliver on the list, no.

3.     Sales

If you want to escape the employer, employee career you might jump right to a sales career.

It seems to be very inviting.  Being able to set your own goals, hours, and pay.  The sales people that I have known over the years have all seem to have a period of feast and famine.

If you don’t prepare for the famine you could end up having a disaster in your life.

Can a sales career pay the bills, sure.  But can it deliver on the Perfect Career, again the answer is no.

4.     Traditional business ownershipbusiness owner

Everyone would like to own their own business.  What does it really take to do just that.

High startup costs
Lots of Debts
Lots of Hats to fill
They are tied to the business night and day
Then they either fail or succeed

Over the years, I’ve talked to so many business owners that feel like they don’t have any time for their family or anything else except the business.

It always sounds so romantic but when it comes down to it there is a lot of work and money involved to make it happen, not to mention all the other factors.

So does our traditional business deliver on the Perfect Career list, Not Really.

5.     Investing

Don’t know what to say about the investing career.  You’d better have a lot of money and a lot of knowledge on how the market works.

Years ago I had my investment licenses and I can tell you there is a lot to know and understand before you start making any real money.

So if you want to have the Perfect Career with investing good luck. I don’t believe this delivers either.

So now you have to ask, what career can deliver on the Perfect Career List?

Network Marketing is BETTER!

With the new economy and everything that is happening in the world the best way to thrive is Network Marketing.

More and more companies are going to choose Network Marketing instead of high priced advertising to get the word out.

More and more companies are going to choose MLM because it fits the New Economy.

What that means for the entrepreneur is that you can receive all the benefits of traditional business ownership without all the typical risks.  And there will be no cap on your income because Network Marketing companies want you to make as much as possible.

So when it’s all said and done Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century.

The Truth is, Network Marketing isn’t perfect.  It’s just BETTER.  And that’s the reality!

What is your perfect career?

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