Why Do Cold Market Prospecting?

Why Do Cold Market ProspectingI get ask this on a weekly basis, why should I do Cold Market Prospecting.  The answer is that Warm Market and Cold Market are great methods.

I love what Eric Worre says, “When you come into Network Marketing you are either punished or rewarded for the life that you lead before joining Network Marketing.”

My Friend and Mentor Ray Higdon did an incredible webinar the other night that was all about Cold Market Prospecting and Follow Up – Here’s the Replay

He teaches about prospecting, follow up and scripts.

Benefits of Cold Market Prospecting

  • Never-Ending
  • They Don’t Know YOUR History
  • Gives YOU Easy Practice
  • You rarely will have to see them/talk to them again

Cold Market Prospecting

  • Cold Calling? Go for FAST DIS-qualification
  • Offline Strangers? Use BIC (Break In Communication), Questions, BIC, Set Follow Up

I’m only going to give you a small tease of what Ray shared the other night that you can watch for FREE.

It was almost 2 hours of incredible training and value on Cold Market Training

I’m mean really how awesome is it to have a multi-millionaire give you his secrets on Cold Market Prospecting for absolutely free.

Don’t see this every day!

VIDEO: Why Do Cold Market Prospecting?

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If you or any of your team have burnt out their warm market and have been told, for some odd reason, not to do Cold Market then you need to watch this webinar replay NOW!

Don’t let you business suffer by not learning some great cold market prospecting, scripts, follow up and overall training.

I promise this will help you out and it’s free.

Okay, enough of the soapbox…. I just don’t want you to miss out on this.

I would love your comments and shares below if you have watched this training.  Would love to hear your takeaways…..

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