Why Network Marketing Events Are So Important?I never really understood why Network Marketing Events were so very important until this weekend.  After attending our major MLM Event, this weekend things have changed.

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending our company’s first Major Event of 2016.

Our particular company has an event every quarter that are amazing and then much smaller packed filled training local training events in between.

This particular event is the biggest because it brings in everyone from around the globe and this year was over 22,000 people.

I have always heard that Network Marketing Events were important and I’ve been to quite a few over the years.  Until now I just never got it.

Why Network Marketing Events Are So Important

Here are some of the standard reasons for attending your company’s events.IMG_2141

  1. Create a sense of credibility for you.
  2. Typically there are some huge announcements for the company.
  3. Super Motivational.
  4. Brings a great number of very positive and motivated people together.

Those are all very important, but the one that really struck home with me is this.
An incredible understanding of my company’s culture and vision.  I am so much more committed to sharing this culture and vision now that I ever thought.

IMG_2139It finally went from my head to my heart.

Network Marketing Events are where we take everything we know about our company and either just have a good time or make that transition from head to heart.

What I saw this weekend not only gave me renewed life for my business but gave me a whole new understanding now about the company and it’s mission.

MLM Events are crucial to your business if you want to grow your team.  You will never know when it hits someone and they go from program to passion!

IMG_2144Once your business moves to your heart you will have both head and heart passion and I promise things will change.

The next time someone tells you that it’s important to go to events, please don’t just shrug it off.  I know so many people who tell me that they don’t need all the hype and motivation they will build their business just fine.

Here’s what I now know.  Everyone that goes to these Network Marketing Events doesn’t become a Top Leader, But Every Top Leader is and has been going to their Network Marketing Events.

So you decide what and who you want to be when it comes to your business.  It’s up to you to make it happen and now I totally understand why MLM Events are so IMPORTANT!

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