Why Should You Do Video Marketing?

Why Should You Do Video MarketingHave you ever ask yourself if you should do Video Marketing or not?  Well, hopefully, today I will answer that question for you.

So, why should you create videos?  Are Videos a better method for marketing over other methods?

Here’s what I will tell you about online video marketing.  If you are not doing it, you really aren’t doing online marketing!

So the very quick answer is YES you should be doing Video Marketing.

The real question is WHY!

Ask yourself the question, what would rather do watch a short 2-3 minute video on what you are looking for or would you rather sit and read an article.

Maybe you would like both.  The bottom line is that most people when they are doing searches for something they are hoping they can find a Video to watch not an article to read.

youtube video marketingYouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world so that means people are going to YouTube to search instead of always going to Google.

Guess what google thinks of YouTube Videos…. they love them because they own YouTube.

So, the question should be Why Should I Do Video Marketing, but Why Aren’t I Doing Video Marketing NOW?

Why Aren’t You Doing Video Marketing?

Most people that are marketing online are either using video or wish they were.  I’m a blogger and thought blogging was the best method and I didn’t need to add videos to that.  Boy was I wrong.

Don’t get me wrong I still believe that blogging is one of the best if not the best marketing, branding and lead generation method out there.

That said adding Videos to my blogs have changed everything when it comes to my marketing!

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Here Are 3 things they will help you get started with your Video Marketing

1.    It Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect

This is where most people get stuck.  They feel like they have to be a Hollywood producer before they do a video

You don’t.  In fact, people want to see people that are real and not a professional actor that they can’t trust.

So stop using perfection as an excuse and just do it!

2.    You Don’t Have To Be A Technical Guru!

Don’t let paralysis by analysis stop you in your tracks.  Here’s what I use for my Video Marketing.

•    My iPhone 6 – If you have a smartphone these days the camera’s are incredible.
•    I put some Daylight bulbs in my overhead lights in my office and that’s my lighting.

That’s It!  It really not rocket science, just use what you have and just do it!

3.    Use The 4 Step Format to Create Your Videos

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon teaches a 4 step process in creating your videos.

1.    Introduction
2.    Ask a Question
3.    Answer The Question
4.    Call To Action

These 4 steps make it incredibly easy to create 2-3 minute videos every day.

So, Why Should You Do Video Marketing?  Because everyone Else is using Videos to market and they are going wild on the search engines.

mark harbertIf you want more in-depth training on YouTube Video Marketing then you need to get this course.

Mark Harbert a friend and mentor of mine is the guru on YouTube Video Marketing so you will be learning from the best.  He will teach you a ton of Video Marketing Strategies.

If this has helped you, Why Should You Do Video Marketing, then please share and comment below.  I would love to know where you are at with your Video Marketing.

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