Your MLM Upline QUIT….. NOW WHAT!

Your MLM Upline Quit, NOW WHAT?

Your MLM Upline Quit, it happens!   Now What?  I would venture to guess most MLMer’s would panic at this point wondering what was wrong with the company.  Are they going under?  Are their legal issues?  What exactly is the problem?

If I were to ask the question, how many of you have had your upline quit on you, I’m sure the answer is going to be most of you.  Here’s the key to that question, “Your Upline QUIT ON YOU.

That’s where most people fall apart.  They take it personal and think that their upline quit on them personally.  Well, I’m here to tell you they didn’t.

They didn’t wake up one morning and say you know I’m quitting this business because of Ron Deering. There are many reasons why they may leave, but the least likely is YOU!.

Your MLM Sponsor Quit, SO WHAT!!

Unless the company is going under, or everyone is under investigation for some illegal activity, or the product is killing people when they use it, IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER YOUR UPLINE QUIT!

I’m not trying to be callous here, but so many people get into Network Marketing businesses for all the wrong reasons.  We’ve all heard that people don’t join the business they join you, right?

what-to-do-if-your-upline-quitsWell I believe that is true, but I will tell you this, once you get in you’d better get more reasons than just your upline.

People are phenomenal, but they are people and they disappoint us all the time.  Don’t be afraid to tie your wagon to a leader other than your upline.

Find a great leader that’s in your business for the long term.

I love what Network Marketing Legend Mark Yarnell said.  [perfect_quotes id=”9453″]

The company I’m currently in is phenomenal, but about 6 months after I started my sponsor decided to move on to another company.

At first I thought wow what is wrong?  I spent a very small amount of time even thinking about it, but I did go through the thought process for a bit.

Ray and Jessica Higdon

Here’s the great news, his sponsor and upline was a gentleman by the name of Ray Higdon.  So now my direct mlm upline is an incredible leader and someone who cares about our team.

The bottom line was that I love the company, the product, the leadership and where they are going, so it didn’t really matter who sponsored me I was hooked.

We do join our companies because of the person that introduced us to them, but if they leave or turn out to not be the leader you want or need then find one or become one yourself!

So no matter what you upline or sponsor end up doing remember it’s your business and what you make it is all up to you. Remember that wherever you go there you are!!!

Work on becoming the person that is who others will follow and you will find that all that matters is who you become and who you can influence in your life.

Your MLM Upline Quit – Great Become A Leader!

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