90 Day Blitz – The Beginning

Today I am beginning a 90 Day Blitz in my Network Marketing Company. For the next 90 days I'm going to build as hard as I can while I still work a full time job. I'm also going to give you all an update of my status each Saturday so you can join this journey with me. I hope this will do two things, 1 - keep me accountable and on task and 2 - help you see what a 90 day blitz can do for your business.

15 Great Sources To Get Leads Now!

Are you struggling with finding ways to get new leads, well look no further. I'm going to show you 15 great places to find virtually unlimited leads and most of these are absolutely FREE!

FEAR – FALSE Evidence Appearing REAL!

FEAR is the debilitating emotion and feeling that keeps us from realizing our great dreams in life. False Evidence Appearing REAL. The key here is the False part.

Are Your Prospects and Teammates Coachable!

Being coachable is probably one of the most important attributes of a new team member. If your new teammate is NOT Coachable then I guarantee it's going to be an uphill battle all the way and not much fun for anyone. The great news is there are some great ideas out there and I'm sure you all have heard them or experienced that new rep or prospect that just thinks they have a better way and everything that has worked in the past just isn't the way for him or her.

10 Steps To Overcome Objections!

If overcoming Objections is something that you struggle with then this post is for you. You dread the idea of facing strong-minded prospects because you know they'll have a list of objections to your offer. It's time to change your way of thinking. Without objections, you, the salesperson, would have no reason to exist.

3 Ways to Build Your Team Strong

Build Your Team Fast is what every new Network Marketer would love. The question is how do we do that. I read this great post by Tanya Aliza on how to build your team fast so thought I would share some of her thoughts and give you some of mine.

Brand Yourself vs Promoting Your Company

Branding yourself instead of just promoting your company can make the difference between a long career or many short careers. You have to ask yourself which is better 10 - 1 year careers or 1 - 10 year career.

Lyoness, Is It Legit?

First I want to tell you that I am not a rep in Lyoness, but I am a customer of sort. I don't want anyone on my team to think I've jumped ship, but some of my best friends are a part of Lyoness so I thought I would put out some good vibrations for them.

Duplication vs Complication!

Duplication vs Complication .... Duplication wins every single TIME! If you are duplicatable your team will never be the dynasty that I know you want. You need to take YOU out of the picture!