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Marry the Process, Divorce the Results

So what exactly do I mean by “Marry The Process, Divorce The Results.” Well let me start by giving some credits here to where I heard this statement.  My upline and mentor Ray Higdon does a daily podcast answering questions that people tweet him on twitter. A couple days ago someone ask him about overcoming outcome addiction.
So here are points concerning the idea of detaching yourself from the results.  Like most people we are taught at a very young age to look to the results of everything we do…


A Short Rant – Does Your Business Stand on it’s own Merit?

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately on facebook bashing the way a lot of Network Marketing companies do business. These are very successful business models and many people have made money, who work them like a business. My heartache has, an always will be that if you have to tear down other people’s business or the business model that works for so many to market your business. I have to ask if your business can’t stand on it’s own merit then what good is it. The challenge with this kind of marketing is there will always be greener grass on the other side of the fence…it still has to be mowed.  People have chosen a business to build and it’s based on a lot of things, value, the product, the team, relationship, and more. Our profession is just that a profession and needs to be treated like that.