2608, 2014

What to Look For in the Right Home Business

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1808, 2014

Economist Harry Dent on the Power of Network Marketing

I wanted to give you some of the highlights of the Eric Worre interview with top economist Harry S. Dent Jr.  He’s been correctly predicting the economic environment over the past decades with amazing accuracy. […]

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1608, 2014

Our Experience with our DreamTrip Cruise

This past February my wife, myself and another couple went on our first dreamtrip with our company.  To be honest we had no idea what to expect.  We certainly had heard all the testimonies from people in our company that the DreamTrips were phenomenal, but we had yet to experience one ourselves. […]

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1207, 2014

Marry the Process, Divorce the Results

So what exactly do I mean by “Marry The Process, Divorce The Results.” Well let me start by giving some credits here to where I heard this statement.  My upline and mentor Ray Higdon does a daily podcast answering questions that people tweet him on twitter. A couple days ago someone ask him about overcoming outcome addiction. So here are points concerning the idea of detaching yourself from the results.  Like most people we are taught at a very young age to look to the results of everything we do… […]

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