19December, 2014

Removing the Negative from your Life with Positive Thinking!

This should be short because in my mind this is just stating the obvious. That said, I can't believe how many people surround themselves with so much negative blocking any hope of letting the positive flood their lives.

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18December, 2014

Failure is NOT an Option – It’s a Requirement

Failure is not an option, it is a must. If you are not failing then you are not moving forward or growing your are living a SAFE Life without abundance.

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17December, 2014

Become a Network Marketing Professional

iting this today because I've seen so many people that just don't take their Network Marketing business serious. If more people would strive to become a Network Marketing Professional with their home business it would not only elevate them but this profession also.

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16December, 2014

Teaching Your Team to BE TEACHERS!

This is what will unshackle you from the normal team building where your team sees you as the only place to get ALL Their ANSWERS! You will never have a walk away from business if you are the only one that knows everything.

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15December, 2014

5 Qualities of a Leader That Inspires

Ever wonder why some people are just inspirational leaders. I love what John Maxwell lays out as the 5 Qualities of a Leader that Inspires. Leaders are people who LEAD, Inspirational Leaders inspire others and build more Leaders.

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14December, 2014

Becoming Fearless in your Prospecting

Have you ever wondered how you can become Fearless in your Prospecting? Wouldn't it be great to never have that debilitating fear that comes from prospecting not only the cold market, but even your warm market.

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13December, 2014

The Importance of a Good System

I can't stress how important a Good System is when building your business. I was working with team mates over the past weeks and it seemed like this takes a lot of time to do all the training and trying to get the team together at the same time so you can do training or presentations. I also noticed that people were wanting me to do the presentation because I did the best job and knew so much.

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12December, 2014

The Money is in the Follow Up

After racking my brain on a topic for this morning I just watched my daily dose of Ray Higdon and decided to do a quick short blurb on The Money is in the Follow UP.

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10December, 2014

Handling Objections and Posture

Today I wanted to chat a bit on two different but related subjects, handling objections and posture. When I say different but related let me explain. You can learn all the techniques in the world for handling objections but without having the correct posture, and I don't mean how you are standing, it won't be half as effective as it can be.

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